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Let your voice be heard. Contact your legislative leaders and let them know you support an environmentally and economically vibrant Midcoast Maine.


How To

Step 1

Find your state representative’s contact information from the following list.

Step 2

Draft an email voicing your support for Midcoast Maine and your opposition to Nordic Aquafarms' salmon factory. Use your own words, or copy the below text into the body of your email to state your case.

Step 3

Enter your representative's email address in the "send" bar, sign your letter, and send!

Subject Line: Support Midcoast Maine - Stand Against Nordic Aquafarms' Salmon Factory

Dear Representative:

The Penobscot Bay has recovered significantly over the past several years, but Nordic Aquafarms’ proposed salmon factory in Belfast puts both our rich marine environment and economy at risk. This factory threatens to devastate our region, causing irreparable damage by a corporation who has recently reported massive financial losses and has failed to adequately defend and justify their proposal. I stand against Nordic Aquafarms and the building of a Belfast salmon factory, and I’m asking for your support as my representative to help protect Midcoast Maine.

Allowing Nordic Aquafarms to move forward with their proposal is dangerous and irresponsible. The concerns are many, including but not limited to:


  • Nordic Aquafarms' latest financial report reveals the company’s European operations are losing millions of dollars annually, raising serious questions about their ability to meet permitting requirements before they begin construction on a planned 50+-acre salmon factory in Belfast, ME.

  • Nordic will use as much energy as Belfast, Northport, Lincolnville, Camden, Rockport and Rockland combined. CMP’s Line 80 will have to be rebuilt for a minimum of $63 million and the “urgent need" is exclusively to supply Nordic’s power. And Maine rate payers will be left on the hook to pay the bill.

  • Nordic’s effluent will also contribute to the climate crisis, warming the waters and adding nitrogen to the bay.

  • The discharge pipe would be located a half-mile off shore from the Little River, at Brown’s Head in Belfast Bay. It would empty into lobstering and fishing grounds, as well as a popular swimming area. According to the current data on record, this daily discharge will contain:

    • 1,484 pounds of nitrogen

    • 408 lbs of solids (fish feces and fish food waste)

    • 13 lbs of phosphorous

    • 0.2 lbs of ammonia

  • If the factory’s Partial Recirculating Aquaculture System (PRAS) is preforming at full capacity, one percent of the discharge will enter the bay daily, or 7.7 million gallons. It is important to note that this figure is a goal, not a guarantee. Failures in the system may require larger discharge quantities. There are no contingency plans for system failures.

  • Water circulation patterns of the bay will result in a continuous plume of approximately 108 million gallons of effluent that will take 14 days to move out into the deeper waters of the Gulf of Maine.

  • Nordic’s original application did not provide mercury testing from the actual location where the dredging would take place.

  • The factory will add between 550,000 and 759,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents to the atmosphere each year. (This is a conservative calculation.)

  • Forest liquidation, and the removal of 35 acres of soils, from 8 to 52 feet deep (the soils are unsuitable and must be replaced) will equal a loss of 13,465 metric tons of carbon above and below ground.

Nordic Aquafarms' salmon factory isn't right for Belfast, it isn't right for Midcoast Maine, and it isn't right for a state that values a vibrant economy and environment. Please help us stand up against this harmful project and stop Nordic Aquafarms from destroying our home.





Thank You for Your Support

Your voice has power, and together we can protect that which makes Midcoast Maine special.

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