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Help us Care for the Waters of Midcoast Maine

Upstream Watch is currently appealing Nordic Aquafarms' proposed salmon factory, that, if built, would pump 7.7 million gallons of warm effluent directly off Brown's Point in Northport every day, would require 30,000 gallons of fresh water and 28 megawatts of power every day, and would destroy Belfast's Little River's lower forest, wetlands and streams. All at a time when we must create ecologically restorative food systems that support local communities and drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

What you can do

• Read our site, especially our research page, to learn more, and share with those you know.

• Learn about closed loop systems such as the one used by Sustainable Blue.

• Learn the truth about fishmeal and toxins in factory farmed fish.

• Learn about restoring native, wild fish and fishing.

• Support your local fishing community.

• Reach out to your Maine Representatives and express your concerns, and your desire to see the Penobscot Bay protected.

• Contact us at any time with questions and/or helpful information. 

• Send us some cash if you can spare it. Your support is critical.  

Your confidence in our small, all volunteer organization gives us the means and the determination to move forward. Upstream Watch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.