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A Time to Give Thanks

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

We hope this update finds everyone in good health and spirits. As always, we are deeply grateful for your continued support. We know this is the time of year when we’re all being asked to support many great causes, and we hope Upstream Watch will be one of them!

Legal Updates

In the near future, we expect to hear the Law Court’s decision on the Title Right and Interest (TRI) case, a crucial ruling that will decide who owns a section of intertidal land that Nordic intends to run its pipelines through. Upstream Watch is optimistic that the Law Court agrees with us – that Mabee/Grace have always owned the intertidal land, and that the conservation easement created by Upstream in 2018, and currently held and protected by the Friends of Harriet Hartley, has always been valid. A favorable ruling will force Nordic, and the City of Belfast, back into court in Waldo County, where they will have to defend the city's use of eminent domain to take the intertidal land. Nordic will have Upstream, Grace/Mabee and The Friends of Harriet Hartley to contend with in that case, as well as the Maine Attorney General’s office, who is tasked with defending the conservation easement. In addition to the TRI case, Upstream has two other pending appeals in process. Our appeal of the Board of Environmental Protection’s Nordic permits is fully briefed and awaiting the scheduling of oral arguments to the Maine Law Court. We're also appealing the decision by Justice Murray in Waldo County to dismiss our appeal of the Belfast Zoning Board of Appeals due to “lack of standing.” Our brief on that appeal is due by mid-December.


Your Support Protects Our Bay

We hope all of you can take some time this holiday season to enjoy the peace of the Little River Trail knowing that the Upstream Watch team, both volunteers and lawyers, is working non-stop to keep Nordic out of our Bay. Never in our our wildest dreams did we think this fight would take so many twists and turns, and that almost 5 years into this we would still be so busy! This enormous effort is not possible without your continued generosity and support.


Get Involved!

Your support means the world to us - and there are many ways you can get involved! Donations to Upstream Watch can be made here, through our website here, or by mailing a check to Upstream Watch at PO Box 113 Belfast, Maine 04915. Please know that everything helps. Whether you can give $5, $30 or even $100, it makes a real difference. Looking for other ways to get involved? Visit our website to learn how you can make an impact. We wish you all peace and happiness in this season of quietness. Thank you again for such an amazing show of solidarity and support for the health and wellbeing of the Penobscot Bay, the Little River and our entire community.


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