Who We Are

Upstream Watch is a loosely bound but tightly focused group of small business owners,

educators, scientists, farmers, artists, historians, civil servants and citizen activists.

Why We Are

We have come together to advocate for the health of the Midcoast rivers and watershed

through science, education, advocacy and public action.

What We Want

We seek a vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy for the Midcoast, and all of Maine.

Healthy fresh and saltwater ecosystems are an indispensable part of this goal.


After centuries of pollution, degradation and dams the Midcoast waters need "CPR" - Conservation, Protection and Restoration. The Belfast and Penobscot Bays needs CPR. The Little River and its headwaters needs CPR. The Passagassawakeag needs CPR. The Goose River needs CPR. The entire Gulf of Maine needs CPR, as do all the creatures great and small who inhabit these waters and ecosystems.

We are dedicated first and foremost to the restoration of the Little River Watershed

to all its natural beauty and bounty. 

We are certain that humankind's long-term survival cannot be guaranteed until humanity embraces

its age-old niche in the Web-of-Life—a position of thoughtful stewardship,

not self-proclaimed superiority and domination.